Peter Stratman

Peter Stratman has extensive experience with community-based education, youth voice, and service learning. As a former AmeriCorps member and Program Director for the Youth Involvement Network in Portland, Oregon, Peter cultivated a passion for transforming public schools.

For the last eleven years, Peter has been a teacher-leader at Cabot School in Vermont, helping implement a multi-aged, project-based learning program for middle school students. Cabot Middle School has earned wide recognition for fostering a culture of student engagement fueled by innovative, technology-rich PBL expeditions and adventure-based leadership. Peter has shared his expertise in PBL and middle school education at numerous conferences and workshops. Peter is a 2014 Rowland Fellow.

Brian Boyes

Brian Boyes has been in education for nearly 20 years and has twice received special recognition from the Vermont Arts Alliance for his unique and creative approach to music education at Cabot School.

For the last 16 years he has developed and led the Cabot School Global and Creative music program widely recognized for its innovative approaches to infusing the performing arts into a project-based teaching and learning environment. As a teacher-leader, Brian serves as Cabot School’s Project Based Learning Coach. A well-known and sought after Vermont musician and composer, Brian currently leads several different ensembles in Vermont.

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